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Master Your Sleep Wake Cycle by Understanding the Root Cause of Your Sleeping Problems and Making Targeted Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Take Full Control of Your Schedule , Optimise Your Productivity and Lead a Healthier and Happier Life.

Who Am I?

I am Mel Azul, also known as the Sleepstylist.

My mission is to help you sleep better so you can wake up healthier and happier to enjoy a vibrantly abundant life.

Before sleep became my best friend though , it was my worst enemy. I constantly battled with insomnia since my high school days. The resulting headaches, pimples, low immunity and emotional imbalances kept taking its toll.

My love for travel led me to a job as a flight attendant and for the past 20 years, jet lag was an additional pain point for me.

When my happiness and relationships started to suffer , I knew I had to regain control of my sleeping habits.

During my travels, I personally researched and experimented with different techniques such as Ayurveda in India, Sound Therapy in Thailand and Chromotherapy in Bali. I tried all kinds of sleeping pills and herbal solutions in a desperate bid to cure my insomnia.

I studied sleep science, breathing techniques, NLP and CBT-I then consolidated all my findings and implemented effective relaxation techniques for both body and mind.

As a result. I was able to regain control of my sleep wake cycle.

I also took up Broadcast Journalism in University and my long standing fascination for research led me to produce a Podcast entitled “SLEEP WELL AROUND THE WORLD” that hones in on various cultures, behaviours and lifestyles to discover the best sleep therapies and treatments from all over the globe.

My years of experience as a flight attendant and sleep researcher also led me to the Aviation Wellness Field where I produce articles, videos and events that highlight sleep and stress management strategies for International Airlines.

Having experienced the challenges and triumphs related to sleep, I am happy to help busy professionals beat their sleep problems successfully.

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About My Program


Who It Is For?

I help busy professionals master their sleep.

After working with Mel, they will have the tools and resources to control their Sleep-Wake Cycle, therefore leading to a high performance life.


Who It Is Not For?

This program is not for people who don’t recognise that Sleep is an integral part of their overall well-being and are unwilling to commit physically, mentally, emotionally and financially into a program that can help them gain optimal quality sleep.

Module One

Your Sleep Blueprint


Understand your sleep patterns better and begin to see improvements in your ability to sleep naturally.


  • Use a simple sleep diary to determine how daily habits affect your sleep quality
  • Identify factors that influence your sleep wake cycle
  • Discover areas to dramatically improve sleep hygiene
  • Find out your USB (Unique Sleep Blockers), to avoid triggers that disrupt a deep sleep
  • Find out your USA (Unique Sleep Attractors), and start engaging in activities that promote restorative sleep.
Module Two

Breathe Better, Sleep Better


Experience breathing optimally and start to unwind for bedtime faster. Anxiety and tensions will be greatly reduced while your mind and body becomes calmer.


  • Learn about the various breathing techniques to address specific sleep problems.
  • Apply rhythmic breathing to counteract moments of stress and anxiety
  • Use soothing breathing exercises with the body scan technique to reduce pain and discomfort
  • Embrace relaxation as you learn to naturally open your airways, strengthen your lungs and slow down the functions of your body to promote a deep sleep
Module Three

Sleepstylist Solutions – Relaxation Techniques


Start to see a pattern of deeper and healthier sleep.
Be equipped with a Sleep Strategy that suits your needs, preferences and lifestyle. Break free from habits that disrupt your resting time and achieve more refreshing sleep.


  • Combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tools with Mel’s signature ISS – Intuitive Sleep Solutions
  • Get an actionable plan to improve how you sleep
  • Apply relaxation methods and biofeedback techniques to control muscle tension and mental focus
  • Learn how to use guided imagery, affirmations, progressive muscle relaxation to sleep better each night
Module Four

Clear Mind, Sound Sleep


Manage sleep anxiety and develop a positive response to falling asleep. Gain effective tactics to deactivate negative nighttime thinking and take control of your inner voice by rewiring your brain for sleep.


  • Identify what causes your anxiety and reverse it with alternative thinking by using the power of visualization
  • Implement calming techniques and neural plasticity to encourage feelings of inner peace and tranquillity
  • Tailor your environment, products and practices to optimize a comfortable sleep
  • Learn the art of winding down with transition rituals that will induce uninterrupted sleep
Module Five

Holistic Haven


Re-associate your bed with sleepiness to fall asleep faster and naturally. You will no longer rely on sleeping pills or artificial sleep aids.
Strengthen your Circadian Rhythm and establish a consistent sleep wake cycle.


  • Follow stimulus control therapy principles to establish and maintain a regular sleep schedule
  • Remove any remaining factors that your mind associates with Sleep resistance
  • Distinguish between fatigue and sleepiness
  • Apply Behavioral changes to improve your sleep habits
Module Six

Sleep Efficiency Training


Harness your natural Homeostatic  Sleep Drive,  improve your sleep-wake balance and get a long term solution for insomnia . Eliminate or reduce fragmented sleep and middle of the night awakenings.


  • Evaluate your sleep window and implement Sleep Restriction Therapy as needed

  • Full investigation on the effects of sleep enhancement or sleep restriction therapy

  • Learn to look forward to bedtime and relearn to view sleep as your ally
  • Learn the customised strategies to fall asleep more readily

Module Seven

Mastery Over Sleep


You will be transformed from being a habitually poor sleeper to a consistently great sleeper. You will harness your ability to have high quality sleep so you awaken feeling refreshed and energized on a frequent basis.


  • Learn the art of morning mastery with Mel’s signature SEROMEL METHOD. Use strategies that boost your levels of Serotonin and Melatonin to optimize your Sleep Wake Cycle.
  • Foster pro-sleep rituals throughout your day
  • Continue to keep in sync with your body’s natural biological clock

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